Monday, August 20, 2012

How Many Blogs Do YOU Have?

I don't even want to tell you how many I have. It's embarrassing.
Of course, it wouldn't be embarrassing if they were all well-read, often-read, interesting, up-and-coming-for-blog-awards type of blogs.
No. Right now they're more like unblogged blogs.
I always have good intentions. Probably identical to the ones the road to hell is paved with.
Any good blogger out there (and believe me there are many - alas I am not one!) will tell you - the key to good blogging (besides having something half decent to blog about) is to BE CONSISTENT.

Therein lies the true challenge for me, because I am nothing if not INconsistent.

Actually I blog every day. In my head. Of course that's no use to anyone, as wish as I may, people still can't read my mind!
And every day I say, "Today I'm going to blog." But I don't. I go to work (although I must confess that's not every day), I come home, I do washing, I shout at the kids, make food, lie on the couch, dream of sleeping, kiss the kids goodnight and come upstairs to my beloved laptop, where I start trying to translate random thoughts and sentences scribbled at the back of receipts into something that someone should find worth reading one day. I keep thinking I must blog, but then I get sidetracked looking for flights for Mr Husband who will be going to Our Island again soon and I wander off looking at prices for tickets to Prague and Alaska and Turkey and Rome... places I dream of visiting.

I'm not making promises. Beloftes maak skuld. Which means promises cause debt.  I certainly do hope to be back soon, and I can assure you (notice I didn't say promise?) I will make a real effort to become more consistent. Let's see what happens.

I was going to add a photo of a beautiful sunset we had last night, but blogger won't let me.


  1. Beloftes maak skuld. Indeed.

    But don’t beat yourself up. You can have as many bogs as you choose and you can write something on any or all of these blogs just whensoever you may please. There is no paid subscription service and we offer our thoughts for free, so people can be happy with whatever they’re given - without cause or justification for complaint.

    With this in mind, I’m not sure I would go along with the need for consistency, really, although I suppose it depends on what sort of online presence we wish to create? I’ve had a few blogs over the past decade – some of which have remained entirely hidden from public view - and I’ve never felt any particualr compulsion to be prolific and have often left them unattended for months (creeping towards years). I’ll trust that people might look in occasionally, but feel happy enough if they don’t.

    It’s maybe better to simply tell ourselves that we’ll write on our blogs if the mood takes us and if we find ourselves able to do so; and that we’ll do this unencumbered by any preconceived ideas of the demand for regularity and entirely untroubled by the imagined expectations of other people.

    That's what I think, anyway, although I'm generally fairly miraculously wrong about most things.

    I notice you don't allow anonymous contributions. I had to go and create a brand new account to leave this comment. Woe is me. (Sometimes - quite often, really - anonymity feels like the best option, especially if you've been out of the blogging habit for a fair while. I'm not sure I've left a comment anywhere for almost a year. But there we are.)

    Anyway, keep on shouting at those kids and dreaming of sleep, Nicola. Or, better still, perhaps, whilst sleeping soundly you might dream of shouting at your kids.

    Both approaches seem foolproof.

  2. Oops. In the sentence starting "You can have as many bogs as you choose...." I think you'll find that I meant to say "blogs", not "bogs".

    An honest mistake, but galling nevertheless.

    So that's that sorted.

  3. Yeah, I know those kind of mistakes - the ones we pick up after the enter button has been pressed.
    Yes, it seems I need to accept that I am not your regular kind of gal, so regular blogging is unlikely. And that's okay.
    The reason I don't allow anonymous comments is that when I did, I got too many offers of dodgy sex aids and random messages in Chinese which I don't speak or read.
    Thank you for your comments.

  4. And i meant to say - thank you for going to all that effort of creating an account so that you can leave a comment. :)