Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Brother's Diary

steel kitchen cupboards,
plastic egg holders,
quality street cake tins, vinyl kitchen floor

hand rotation bread slicer,
electric carving knife,
jug & glass coldrink sets,
boiling condensed milk for caramel

mulberry jam, flap jacks,
sloppy Joe's,
cottage pie
mac and cheese, jelly
pan fried wors*

hang ten plakkies*,
sieve doors for the flies,
flower patterned crockery,
lunch tins and leaky cooldrink bottles

home made jam & rusks
steel garden furniture & paper thorns
pantries and Consol bottles,
Croxley recipe books and ivory handled cutlery

slow cookers and a braai* pan
gem squash
and compost heaps

This pretty much sums up our childhood.

And with that food theme - it's no suprise that he became a chef.

photograph taken by Pieter Wolhuter
*wors - South African sausage
*hang ten plakkies - hang ten flip flops
*braai - barbeque


  1. How COOL. I think my youngest son is destined to be a chef too.

    Btw you would think I knew how to leave a comment using my wordpress account but I don't know the password so I have to leave it as a google one which is my old blog address - but thats ok as you've been over today and so you know where I am x

  2. It's great having a chef in the family!
    Been loving your blog, as always, btw. x