Friday, December 30, 2011

Roll on 2012

I am so pleased that 2011 is on it's way out.
It has not been a good year. Not by any means. Annus horribilis would be putting it mildly.
Yeah, I suppose I could try the silver lining crap and all that, but quite frankly I couldn't care to do that. I just want 2011 gone. Over. Finito.
And I'm not making any resolutions that I'll manage to stuff up totally by the 3rd of January and feel miserable and plummet into the depths of depression because I feel I can't succeed at anything.
I will just take it one day at a time and just try and get through one day at a time.
I am not going to commit to lose weight.
I am not going to commit to finish my book, take off my makeup every night before I go to sleep, not to swear, to read more, cry less, stop eating for the nation.
What I will do is this:
I will keep in mind what my goals and aspirations are and try every day, to behave in a way that will take me closer to these goals.
That's it. I will try.
Come on, 2012. Let's get together.

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