Monday, June 18, 2012

Bloody Monday

I haven't experienced such a looooong day in a very looooong time.
It's been such a long day that I'm sure 24 hours has already passed, but it's still Monday.
Bloody horrid day it's been,  I tell you.

Horrible people with no bloody ethics. Really - I have to wonder sometimes.
Then - home to kids that were in Horrid Motion and I thought I was going to go mad - and that was only 15 minutes after they had come through the door.

Oldest went to run an errand for me and did it all wrong and I was fed up because he had not been Paying Bloody Attention - even though he repeated every word back to me. I wanted to thump him. I might just have was it not for the fact that it is actually against the law.

Then Mr Husband phoned and said he was going to be late - as in very late - like 11 pm late, while I battle to get these brats (yes - today that is what they are!) into bed and out of my hair! Please Lord make them stop bickering.

So I went to the kitchen and opened the only bottle of alcohol I have - which is mulled wine left over from Christmas, I kid you not. I am drinking it. Unheated. It is going straight to my cheeks. They are Blood Red.
I don't care. Five sips and already I feel better.

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