Saturday, June 9, 2012

If it's not burning down...

I have spent 5 days at home. Straight.
Five days away from My Regular Job (yip - the one I go to so I can get actual money and pay the bills).
About 4 of those days were spent staring at the screen of my laptop, wondering where the bloody Writing Fairy was and why she wasn't bashing me on the head with her Wand of Good Ideas.
I managed 1700 words. And 1000 of those were a letter to a friend in South Africa, so that probably doesn't count.

One of those days was spent having a
 small Jubilee Party, where Pimm's,
Coronation Chicken and Victorian Sponge ruled. Okay - lots of wine, jubilee cup cakes, jubilee trifle and wonderful company too.

Tomorrow I will be back at my Day Job. It's good I have this Day Job, because I fear (and so does my family) that if I didn't have this Day Job, I would never leave the house. I am not keen to leave the house.
And I can't actually tell you why. Well, I could, but I'm not really too sure as to why it is. I think it's a combination of things. Firstly, I have this theory - if it's not burning down, don't leave it.

Then, it's a matter of comfort. I love to live in my pj's. As much as possible. I think I have more pj's than regular clothes. I like it this way. And I am a Big-Boobed-Woman, which means leaving the house requires wearing a bra which is kind of like being confined to a strait jacket of sorts. At home I get to go boob-loose and fancy free.

Being in my home makes me feel safe and secure. The outside world? Not so much.
But, I also know that it's stepping out of our comfort zone that allows us to grow and develop. In fact, I am a bit of a preacher of this.
"Stretch yourself!" is what I tell family and friends that ask for advice. (I kid you not - I actually have people asking me for advice. True story.)
So, I have decided that I will follow my own advice and stretch myself.

This is how I plan to do it. I will make sure that I leave the house at least one day a week - and that does not include going to The Day Job. I will leave the house and go somewhere. Somewhere proper - like the library or a coffee shop or a gallery. Somewhere that requires of me to get out of my pajamas and into my proper clothes.
I will do it. And I will keep you updated.

And if you have any ideas for me as to what I can do to step out of my house, I would love to hear them! Please


  1. I swear you and I are cut from the same cloth...right down to the big boobs! As to leaving the house, how about a 365 photo-project where you only take photos of something outside? And I don't only mean photos of the walk-your-kids-to-school environment.

    Btw, I'd never leave my house either if I didn't sometimes have to get the kids somewhere which forces me out. I'm a great believer in your "If it ain't burning..." :) xx

  2. Thank heavens! I don't feel so abnormal now.
    Does the 365 photo-project include drive-by shootings?