Friday, February 17, 2012

24 Days

I have the whole weekend off and only back to work on Monday.
The original plan for this weekend was that Mr Husband and I would go away.
Just the 2 of us.
But not anymore.
We will spend the weekend at home, doing odds and ends around the house and watching DVDs with the boys. They get to chose the DVDs. That could be disastrous. For me.
Mr Husband goes to Our Island next month. 24 days of seeing the ocean every morning when he wakes up. 24 days of dealing with builders who have different ideas to his.
24 days.
Our Island, flamingo flowers, pitanga, Captain Zarco...
Our Island. A volcano, quiet for millions of years, but the evidence still there in the black sand...
Our Island, where we would retire, where our grandchildren would visit us, their grandfather's skin growing dark in the sun while he toiled the land, their grandmother staring out to the ocean, waiting for words to make their way onto paper, stories to tell....
And now?
I don't know what now.
24 days to think, to ponder, to wonder. To. Sort. Out. My. Head.


  1. I'd quite like 24 days without my Mr fact, that could feature quite highly on my Wish List!! On the plus side, 24 days of not having to do his washing. Jus'sayin'...

  2. 24 Days of not cooking proper meals (kids are satisfied with far less!) is more the highlight for me. :)