Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Check. Checkmate.

Today was a good day for me. No great shakes (a phrase often used by my sister - you know the one that some people even think is my twin?), but it was just a good, Normal Day.
Got the kids off to school, without me killing them or them killing each other, Mr Husband and I spent a bit of time together in Conversation (this is a relevant term), I got to do a bit of shopping in peace and even bake a cake.
I think back to when we first came to Scotland. Mr Husband came kicking and screaming. Okay, I lie - he came tripping over his lip with smoke billowing out of his eyes and ears.
I was a bit taken aback by this quite frankly, I mean, we had spoken about living abroad for years! And here we were and he kept whining about wanting to go back to South Africa. Eventually I got so fed-up, I said, "Fine! Go back them, but I'm staying!"
He also stayed (happily, by the way, as it turned out) and six years later, here we still are.

But, where are we exactly? I mean I know where we are on the Map. Google will tell me exactly where, the Sat Nav will too.
But where are we?
I don't know that we are any place other than we were before, albeit with a few fractures in between.
The dance has not changed. And I am tired of this dance. Actually it feels like check. Not quite checkmate, but definitely check.
Okay - I haven't played chess for ages. Like a decade or two. Two more like it, but I remember this: You're at the end of the game. There are still pieces on the board. Many pieces even, but you're in check. You move your king and the opponent moves their piece. Check. You move your king again. The opponent moves. Check. No matter where you move, or how many times, it's still check. You look around and see all these pieces and it might appear that there is still a game going on, but the game, in fact, is over. No matter how many pieces there still are.

Sometimes it's the same thing.

My favourite part of today:


  1. Very nicely written, Nicola, and I'm very glad you had a normal day. Maybe you should come visit me, and then you can see what a Czech looks like, because we're really close by.

  2. I would love to do that! I really do want to see what a Czech looks like. And anything else I haven't seen before. ;)

  3. Hey, I want to see what a Czech looks like too! When are we going?