Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This week. So far.

Did you see I made some changes to my blog? I like this look better. I had to take the barbed wire away, I was beginning to feel like I might jump on it, see - face first. Or maybe neck first - hit the jugular. Yes, yes, happy, happy me. And the picture of the pebbles in the background? I took that pic on holiday in Spain at Mojacar. It was a little bit of a taste of hell, that holiday, but I'll save that story for another day. Mojacar beach is good anyway.

So - I had my eyes tested & was given a pair of glasses. Actually 2 pairs. I was extravagant - nope, not actually, it was a buy-one-get-one-free offer, so I took advantage and got a pair of reading glasses and a pair of Gok Wan sunglasses - prescription kind. The excitement of being able to see again - at least while reading, was overshadowed ever so slightly by the bill of £142 and a few pennies. I am still trying not to think about it. The lady assisting me very happily told me that I had just saved £158! I could not even have said put the Gok Wan's away, because it would have made no difference. Gok or no Gok, £142 it is.

You see - my budget is rather tight at the moment. I am not talking about the Tighten Your Belt kind of tight - till your breathing becomes slightly laboured, no. I'm talking about putting on a pair of pantihose that are too small for you and you realise just how small when they start tearing right at the ankles. Just when you're starting to put them on. Yes - that kind of tight. So, I have no money, but thankfully I can see. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that that really is a big fat zero at the bottom of my bank balance. Or is it a minus? Sigh.

Anyway - so that was Monday.
Oh, and - this is what else happened on Monday. Mr Middle was sent home from school because he had a headache. I was actually quite worried, because he may be The Eternal Pessimist and The Voice Of Doom, but he never pulls a sicky. Nope - this is a child that actually likes going to school. So, I sit on the bed next to him. "What's up?"
"I think I got a headache because I needed to poo. I went to the toilet, but there was no way I could poo because the toilets are so disgusting and someone had had a dump right on the floor next to the toilet and the doors were all off and I think that made my head even more sore."
"What? That's a health and safety issue!" Explodes Mr Husband.
"But when I got home I had a poo and now I feel much better." But he still sticks to the rule of no Xbox if you're off school.

And here we are on Tuesday.
I overslept this morning, didn't wash my hair and wore no make up to work. Yip. I did that.
Work. Well. You see - this is how it goes - some days I feel they don't pay me enough. Other days I feel they pay me too much for what I do. Today was a they-don't-pay-me-enough day.
Some people. Some colleagues. Some People's Stuff!
Anyway - I have a large glass of wine with me now. Great company I tell you. The French have a knack.
I am relaxing. I am off tomorrow. I am writing, writing, writing.....
And drinking. Just a little bit.

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