Monday, March 5, 2012

Boys and Girlfriends

Oldest has a girlfriend.
All he will tell me about her is 'she's a ginger.' He's coy.
Right now I think this is a relationship made up of messaging back and forth on Blackberry and shy glances in the school passages.
Middle Child shows me a photo of her on facebook. She's gorgeous. Beautiful red hair and big green eyes.
"So, why doesn't Oldest bring her over here?"
"Is he embarrassed of us?"
"Hmm... I don't think so."
"Then why doesn't he bring her here?"
"Well, you wouldn't take a chance, now would you?"


  1. They certainly know how to boost our confidence, don't they? I mean, as if a mother would deliberately embarrass her son...

  2. It's not like I'm going to be taking out the photos of him on the potty as a two-year-old or anything like that! Kids! Maybe just being around is embarrassing enough for him! Haha!

  3. BOL! Oh good grief...thank goodness my son is at a Boys' school and is WAY too interested in rugby and cricket just now. Of course, he is just 11. That may be a factor. Maybe ;)

  4. Yes, Sian, I think that is a factor. Eldest is just on 14, although Middle Child who is only 12, seems to have a constant string of admirers and Eldest tells me the girls can't leave him alone. Heaven help us all!

  5. It's really strange when you see your child show affection to his girlfriend. x x