Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

It's been a good weekend.
Friday I did lots of baking while I waited until it was time to fetch my niece from the station.

 We sat chatting till three in the morning, catching up on what's going on with her studies at University and the constant Rise and Fall of My Marriage.
Oh, it was so good to see her again, have her in my house, have her eating my food... I sometimes wonder if she knows how dear she is to me? I do tell her. And I tell her often. So I just hope she knows.
Saturday night was a bit of a dinner party - without the dinner, but with snacks. It was great fun and Middle Child told me this morning that I am a great party host because there was lots of food and everyone had a good time.
Today has been wonderfully quiet. I watched a movie with Eldest while Middle Child was at footie. I watched a movie from beginning to end with no interruptions and it was awesome. And I didn't feel guilty for wasting time or 'doing nothing'. Youngest was at his Best Friend and when I went round to pick him up, Best Friend's mother tells me that Best Friend's biggest dream is to have Youngest as a brother. I say they are. Even though they have different parents. I feel blessed that Youngest has such a special friend. They are good for each other.

This afternoon I spent on the couch, writing. And thinking, and writing and smiling...
View from the couch

The only sound was the washing machine working it's magic and the occassional voice out on the street.
Pretty much how I feel today

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