Friday, March 9, 2012

Early Days

I took Mr Husband to the airport - to the drop off zone, that is. A first for us, but - in my own defence - do I need a defence here? I can't decide.... anyway -  I needed to get home before it got too dark - I am slightly night blind made worse when it rains and it was starting to rain, and it was a week night and kids needed food and bed and what-not....
Funny how before, I would have stayed until the last minute, hanging on his leg trying to keep him from the departure gate. Things have changed...

So here we are - Day 3 of Mr Husband being away.
Early days, I know, but so far, so good.
I have been to 2 parent's evenings at school, sorted the kids, their lunch money, their arguments, their clothes, their activities.

I watched The Good Wife, The Big When last did I watch TV? Alone? In peace?
It's early days. Let me not get ahead of myself.
I'm baking a cheese cake today.
I'm fetching my niece from the station later, she's spending the night.
I'm having a party tomorrow night.

Cuddle King sleeps with me. He's like a human hot water bottle. And he purrs in his sleep.


  1. Can you hear that? No? That's because it's called Silence and Peace ... and you haven't had them around for a while. Perhaps you'd forgotten them? So go ahead, enjoy. Oh, and send me some cheesecake. Or just bring it yourself. xx

  2. Yip, my long lost friends, Silence and Peace. Man, am I happy to have them here again.
    Oh, and the cheesecake was divine! xx