Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and Katy Perry

I know what Katy Perry feels like.
Okay - that's not a fair statement. I have no idea what it feels like to be beautiful, glamorous, have a great voice and sing songs that everyone wants to dance to.
But. I read the other day - while I was in the supermarket - and I want to be clear on this - I DO NOT buy gossip magazines. No, I do not! I might browse them ever so slyly in the shop, but I am not spending any of my precious money on them. And Lord forbid someone should discover them in my house and lose all respect for me. So, I just had a quick browse in the supermarket and I read about Katy's split from Russell Brand. According to her friends (if you can believe anything the tabloids say and we all know that most of it is just a load of pure shit, but still) Katy is crying the one minute - saying how she knows how her and Russell can sort everything out and then the next minute saying it's better for both of them if they split.
Okay - so there - that is the sum total of how much I know of how she feels. I also feel like that. One minute sure that somehow we can make it work, and then the next feeling - It's time to just Let It Go.

So - Mister got the keys to his new place today. It is right across the road. Right on the next block. This is inconvenient and convenient. Inconvenient coz - oh, well - I can see how this might go - too close for comfort and maybe him still expecting cooked meals and what-not. I don't know. I'm jumping the gun a bit instead of going with my initial let's-take-it-one-day-at-a time approach.

Convenient, because that means he is still close to the children and they can come back and forth and he can still do the football run and have them over and so forth. Well, that's what I hope for, anyway.
We'll see.
It feels like I'm heading towards a slippery slope.
I will have to be strong and firm.

So, I went to look at the place and it is all fine except that it is bloody dirty and what is it with these damn landlords that don't have the place cleaned before someone new moves in! Sis, man!  Well, best he get cleaning. I'm a bit peeved at the moment and not feeling as accommodating to his needs as I was earlier because of some things that happened. So right now I feel that he must just clean as fast as he can and be gone.

I have had too much gin. So before I say something that will mortify me tomorrow, let me say goodnight.


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