Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today I made huge progress. Huge, I tell you. No, not the hey look I have a new job and a new lover to match, no. Not that kind of progress. Just the good old fashioned practical progress kind. Like just getting the Christmas tree down and packed away. I know it's past the 12th night and all that jazz and now this should mean that bad luck will befall me and what-not. Well nothing new there then. I even found 3 edible candy canes that my eldest, sugar-addicted, son managed to miss. I'm sure my punctuation is all wrong in that last sentence, but let's clear something up from the start - this is not about punctuation or good spelling, or rounded characters and plot development and what-not. This blog is just for ME. MY diary where I can say what I want and spell as I wish and forget about full-stops and commas and God-knows-what-else and throw in all the !!!!! and ?????? that I want.

I probably only managed such great progress because my niece was here to help. Admittedly she did most of the work and gave me instructions if she caught me staring into space. Put the beads in that box. You missed a Father Christmas. It was a big job. She fell asleep on the couch after and I looked at her snoozing - not even hearing the text messages coming in from her boyfriend on the other side of the world and I felt a pang. I am going to miss her when she goes back to Africa. Okay - South Africa really, but Africa sounds so much more exotic at the minute without thinking of Malema and his cronies and what nonsense they have been up to lately. This is MY diary remember, I can say what I want. I am not here to be anything else except ME. Crikey, I'm ranting on a bit about ME, me, meeee today. Sorry.
And my sister, my darling sister that some people even think is my twin (which is very complimentary to me - people must think I am thinner than I really am, and very insulting to her because people must think she is fatter than she really is) - came after work and I made a marble loaf that I am becoming the master of. This time I added butterscotch pieces and put walnuts on the top and we drank coffee. Real progress here, I tell you - drinking coffee and not alcohol!

And then slowly it all started to slip. I'm not sure exactly when. But I started feeling a bit low and then annoyed with the boys when they started bickering and I became Witch Mother, then I felt miserable for being Witch Mother and then I was short with my sister who some people think is my twin and then I felt bad for being short with her because the last time we fell out I was about 15 or so and it was probably about me stealing her mascara which I did often...
I feel like I'm on a see-saw.
That would mean it's time for a very strong G&T.
Progress, I tell you, progress!

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