Friday, January 13, 2012

One minute, then the next

One minute, I'm dead sure everything is going to be just fine, then the next minute I'm thinking there's no way this is going to work out well and I am going to be fetched by the men in white coats, they will throw me into a padded cell and dispose of the key!

You see this is the thing about time. It doesn't always heal.
I was thinking about this over Christmas when I was making a trifle. I had made jelly, but it seemed I hadn't put the right amount of hot water - cold water. The jelly hadn't set. And that was after 24 hours. I was looking at that very watery-wobbly jelly and this is what I thought: It doesn't matter how much Time I give this jelly. It Is Not Going To Set.
You know - it's like cement. If you don't get it right, the cement will not improve over time.
Sometimes it's like that with things in life too. Not everything 'gets better' with time.

Anyway - despite it being Friday the 13th, it was a good day. Not that I'm suspicious or anything, but sometimes I worry that other's suspicions will somehow end up on me. My youngest (the Eternal Optimist) said to his brothers today: "Today was my luckiest day!" Middle brother (the Eternal Pessimist): "How so?" Youngest: "Nothing unlucky happened to me!"
The Eternal Optimist is also the one who said, "Something doesn't have to be perfect. I just have to like it."

So, this is what was good about today:
1. It was pay day.
2. I had the sweetest, most delicious mango I ever remember having. It came all the way from Brazil. I felt a bit like a traitor eating a Brazilian mango and not a South African one, but -
3. I bought some nectarines (my second favourite fruit - bananas are my all time favourite) that came from South Africa. They just need a day or two to ripen. 

And now I will go and lay my weary head down and hope I get a peaceful nights sleep. Although - I'm sure I'm getting abducted by aliens while I sleep and this is why I am tired all the time. I swear.

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